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High End Residences

High End Construction

High-end residential work is one of our core businesses. We continually work to build strong ties with high-quality design professionals, trade craftsmen and subcontractors to ensure the successful delivery of the project to our clients. Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations.



Additions and Remodels



Additions and remodel projects require solid experience delivering a timely project that in on budget. The challenges of previous deficient construction and damages create opportunities to develop solutions that are unique to each project. Our experience with those challenges has helped our company develop the expertise that continues to provide satisfying results for our clients.





Apartment Rehabilitation


Trevor has completed numerous, full-scale multi-family rehabilitation projects that include dry rot to full structural repair. Our ability to rehabilitate apartments while working well with managers and tenants alike as well as finish our projects on time and under budget, truly sets us apart from our competitors

We will provide upfront, full disclosure to property owners and managers about the entire scope of the work needed. From job costs to scheduling, combined with a knowledgeable and reliable team of carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians and mechanical contractors, we provide the excellence and professionalism for any apartment rehabilitation project.



Commercial Projects


Project 360 Constructions expertise in tenant improvement construction has resulted in many superior built projects as well as extremely happy customers! Our team of project managers, supervisors, engineers, subcontractors and job-site employees strive to meet critical deadlines while consistently delivering on superior, quality construction projects. We are the professionals in our industry that will get the job done right the first time while exceeding our client’s expectations!




We know the values of our clients, and more importantly, we know the value of each client.

Our clients have high standards and we share those standards. We hire only qualified subcontractors and materials suppliers, and we negotiate for the best value on behalf of our clients at every step of the construction process. We understand the level of commitment you make when you decide to build a project and when you hire a contractor. We will make that same level of commitment to you. When you hire us, you will see why…

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